Archive D-A-D Related Tattoos


Tattoo #037

Cecilie Juel Hansen got the big fish tattooed on her shoulder in November, 2003.

Tattoo #036

Another picture of Cecilie's fish.

Tattoo #035

Lasse Rasmussen from Sakskøbing at Vig Festival 2004 had Molly on his shoulder.

Tattoo #034

Magnus Schmidt from Landskrona, Sweden.

Tattoo #033

Frank Kristensen had this one done at Magoo Tattoo in Silkeborg.

Tattoo #032

Bruce Strickland from Mt. Martha, Australia has this nice skull on his leg.

Tattoo #031

Leigh Knight in Melbourne, Australia has this awesome fish!

Tattoo #030

Steve Pacaud got this one in 1991.

Tattoo #029

D-A-D tattoo on the shoulder of Nina Jensen.

Tattoo #028

Jean Pierre Davin of Cognac, France has this classic on his shoulder!

Tattoo #027


Tattoo #026

Patricias leg!

Tattoo #025

Andy F.'s tattoo.

Tattoo #024

Mark Anderson's combined tattoo, Kalundborg-style!

Tattoo #023

Erwin Oris from Belgium has this tattoo on his leg - it's a bit hairy, but he won't cut his hair!

Tattoo #022

Michael from Copenhagen has this fish with shadow on his arm!

Tattoo #021

... another picture of the fish.

Tattoo #020

Johan Häger from Solna, Sweden has this large skull on his back!