Archive Memorabilia


Drumstick from 5-øren, Copenhagen, August 31, 2002

Provided by Jeppe Kuld.

"Laust played Sleeping My Day Away and What's The Matter with it."

Drumstick from Musikcaféen, Århus, May 25, 2005

One of two drumsticks handed out by Laust Sonne at Musikcaféen, Århus, May 25, 2005.

Provided by Jacob Rosenvinge.

Sleeping My Day Away picture disc

"As I have
to fully agree with Jacob Rosenvinge 'it's my most beloved item' I
thought to myself that a better (complete) pic would be fine."

Provided by Marcel "Capt. Spacehead" Denkhaus.

Collectors card, back

Collectors card, front

Provided by Klaus Gluud Larsen.

"I got this collectors card when I bought a single from some guy in the trade section. It's from the USA, 1989"


Provided by Klaus Gluud Larsen.

"An autograph saying: "Til Klaus, Jesper Binzer" (For Klaus, Jesper Binzer).
I was backstage at Rockgalla, Aalborg 1998 and I was just wandering around when I suddenly saw a guy with long hair standing at the stage. I walked up to him and saw it was Jesper, and I asked for an autograph, first at that moment I saw he was peeing! But when he had done his thing I got his autograph, you can almost smell the Binzer pee!"

Bass guitar

Provided by Henrik Nørgaard.

When Henrik bought this bass guitar he was told that it had belonged to Stig P.

Flyer from Kerrang

Provided by Jordi.

Drumhead from Gartejo, Lisbon, May 30, 1995

Provided by Carla Chaves.

Drumstick from Gartejo, Lisbon, May 30, 1995

Provided by Carla Chaves.