Archive Posters


Poster for den Atelier, Luxembourg, June 7, 2008

The poster is signed by Jesper, Jacob and Stig.

Provided by Cassandre.

D:A:D Poster

Provided by Thomas Iversen.

Poster for Sweden Tour, April 2010

Provided by Uffe Pettersson.

German EG Tour Poster, 2000

Provided by Marcel "Capt. Spacehead" Denkhaus.

Poster for German Tour, December 2010

Provided by Marcel "Capt. Spacehead" Denkhaus.

Release Poster Draws A Circle

Provided by Marcel "Capt. Spacehead" Denkhaus.

Soft Dogs Tour Poster

Provided by Klaus Gluud Larsen.

"Taken from the concert in Aalborg Hallen March 16, 2002."

Italian Riskin' It All Tour Poster

Provided by Giuseppe Carrara.

This very rare poster from the concert in Milan is hanging on Beppe's wall since 1991!

Scare Yourself Arena Tour Poster, 2005

Provided by Anders Ulrik Sørensen/D-A-Ddy.

D-A-Ddy says: ”I was hanging three meters up in a lamppole, in the city of Esbjerg at rush hour, with a scooter helmet on my head." All this for a D.A.D poster!

The First Poster

The first Disneyland After Dark poster ever is from 1983.

Tivoli Poster, 2004

Provided by Brian Borgstrøm.

Poster from Belgium, 1987

Provided by Petra Bertels.

Helpyourselfish Tour Poster, 1995

Provided by Patrick Van Puyvelde.

Call of the Wild Poster

Provided by Rune Jørgensen.

Wig Wam Tour Poster, 2002

Provided by Tina Carstensen.

Everything Glows Tour Poster

Provided by Michael Brodersen.

Riskin' It All Poster

Provided by kanze (Karen Rafael Jensen).

German Soft Dogs Poster

Provided by Michael Brodersen.