Archive Promo-stuff and Merchandise


Draws A Circle Shampoo

Promotional shampoo from the D.A.D Draws A Circle days. Provided by Torben "Krudt" Nielsen.

Scare Yourself Prerelease, back

Cow Skull Cuff Links

Provided by Jean-Pierre Davin.

Riskin' It All Sofa

This cardboard sofa was made for record stores to display the Riskin' It All album. The sofa has room for two rows of cds.

Scare Yourself Prerelease, front

Provided by Esben "Zleep-Dogg" Madsen.

Cow Skull Cuff Links

Indian Cow Skull Magnet

The magnet was hand painted by Torleif Hoppe.

Provided by Martin Tousig.

Fridge Magnet

Provided by Jeppe Kuld.

Helpyourselfish CD Tin Can

Provided by Henrik "Henny" Kristensen.

Helpyourselfish Pin

The pin is from the Helpyourselfish tour and is 4 cm long from head to tail.


Scare Yourself skateboard with Helpyourselfish and dedication by Torleif Hoppe. From Musikcaféen, Århus, May 25, 2005.

Provided by Jacob Rosenvinge.


Provided by Henrik "Henny" Kristensen.

Cow Skull Pin

A small pin from the Simpatico days, 1.8 cm in diameter.


Provided by Marcel "Capt. Spacehead" Denkhaus.

Sleeping Mask

Provided by Henrik "Henny" Kristensen.