Archive Promo-stuff and Merchandise


Scare Yourself Plaque

Provided by Sem Birkler.

Sheriff Star

The sheriff star is from the Everything Glows days.


Provided by Klaus Gluud Larsen.

"I think it's bought in 2003 at Skive Beach Party."


The 1992 calendar...

Sew-on Patch

Provided by Klaus Gluud Larsen.

Door Mat

Soft Dogs promotional item.


Bought at Rock Party, Frederikshavn, 2004.

Provided by Klaus Gluud Larsen.

Jerry Can

Provided by Sem Birkler.


From 1989.

Provided by Jordi.

Cow Skull

Provided by Marcel "Capt. Spacehead" Denkhaus.

Helpyourselfish Swimming Device

Provided by Lasse.

No Fuel Buttons

Provided by Danni Plougstrup.

Soft Dogs Plate, front

Provided by Henrik "Henny" Kristensen.

Disneyland After Dark Beach Towel

Provided by Jerry Lee.

Soft Dogs Plate, back