Archive Tickets


Ticket for Zeleste 2, Barcelona (ES), May 26, 1995

Provided by Jordi.

Jordi writes: "I send you this ticket from the only concert I see in my hometown, the show was too well & the band play loud for the 50 people in the concert."

Ticket for Ancienne Belgique, Brussels (BE), December 15, 1991

Provided by Nathalie Piret.

Ticket for Yaki-da, Gothenburg (SE), May 10, 1989(?)

Provided by Paul V.

"Here is a ticket to a D-A-D gig in Gothenburg, Sweden. I think it's from 1989. (No fuel left for the pilgrims Tour?) I remember that me and my friend Joke waited several hours for the band to get on stage! And when they finally got on stage what a ride!!!! The crowd was like 1 meter from the band and there was no fence! The best D-A-D gig ever! Blood and sweat! The hard part was going to work the next day (after just a few hours) But it was worth it!"

Ticket for Riskin' It All Tour, Batschkapp, Frankfurt (DE), March 25, 1992

Provided by Tommy Müller.

Tommy writes:
"Hello to D.A.D...(one of the best livebands in the world)
My name is Tommy Mueller from Speyer ( Germany )
I have an older Ticket from 1991/92 with autographs from Jesper and Jakob.
I get this im Mannheim at "WORLD OF MUSIC" recordstore.
The Concert was,I believe in Frankfurt at: Music-hall.
I remember that great concert with the big sofa."

Ticket for Vaartkapoen, Brussels (BE), April 9, 1995

Provided by Nathalie Piret.

Ticket for Arena tour, Aalborg (DK), October 30, 2005

Provided by Mikkel Andersen.

Ticket for Paradise Garage, Lisbon (PT), January 23, 1998

Provided by Mario.

Ticket for Le Trabendo (FR), October 1, 2006

Provided by Jean-Pierre Davin.

Ticket for Musikhuzet, Rønne (DK), May 20, 2004

"I come from Germany to Bornholm in May 05. Evening was brilliant. D-A-D great, i´m drunken."

Provided by Sylvio Labahn, Bansin, Germany.

Ticket for Herning Kongrescenter (DK), December 5, [1987]

D.N.D. = Det Neodepressionistiske Danseorkester.

Provided by Claus Bilas.

Ticket for Handelsbeurs, Gent (BE), November 7, 2009

Provided by Cassandre.

Ticket for John Dee, Oslo (NO), June 10, 2005

Provided by Klaus Gluud Larsen.

"My first concert outside Denmark, a fantastic atmosphere at the tiny venue. One of my favourite gigs ever with the band! Note that I got Torleifs autograph on the ticket before the show, he was standing at the merchandice booth."

Ticket for Monster Philosophy Tour '09, Aalborg (DK), February 14, 2009

Provided by Mikkel Andersen.

Ticket for Ballerup Super Arena (DK), November 21, 2009

Provided by Nathalie Piret.

Ticket for Arena Nord, Frederikshavn (DK), October 7, 2005

Provided by Klaus Gluud Larsen.

"Ticket from the Scare Yourself Alive gig in Frederikshavn."

Tickets for True Believer, Metropol, Aalborg (DK), October 10, 2008

Provided by Mikkel Andersen.

Ticket for FZW, Dortmund (DE), April 30, 2010

Provided by Marius.

Old ticket

A ticket for a show in Roskilde 1992.