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(13:29:26) Headcrusher:

A New Year Coming! A New Year Moving! A New Year Moving In!

(19:46:20) Azda:

Head - Smiley-midget-laugh

(00:09:36) Azda:

Happy New Year Molly - and of course also to the rest of you Smiley-laugh

(00:09:36) Molly:

Happy New Year - moooh!

(23:12:50) Azda:

tickets for Hull on sale from 5:00 PM - www.hairmetalheaven.co.uk (not sure you'll find a link there in time
, but I hope you will! :-D)

(20:06:23) Azda:

http://www.hairmetalheaven.co.uk/buy-tickets.html - VIP tickets on sale now Smiley-tongue

(20:58:39) Azda:

Alpen Flair, June 23rd, added to the tour list: http://www.d-a-d.dk/tour Smiley-midget

(20:58:39) Molly:


(17:15:57) mike (guest):

anybody here

(17:15:57) Molly:

I'm here, as always - moooh!

(16:35:02) adamo (guest):


(16:35:17) adamo (guest):


(20:11:22) Luisa (guest):

Belle et douce année 2017 à D-A-D et leurs fans !

(20:11:22) Molly:


(22:46:36) Azda:

Luisa - Smiley

(08:16:00) kingkohsel (guest):


(08:16:00) Molly:

Hello, I'm busy chewing my hay first round, so: Moooh!

(23:00:02) Azda:

support act in Odense February 16: Shred

(23:04:43) Azda:

stage time in Frederikshavn/Waterline February 18: 20:30