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(18:37:09) Tina C:

And hello to Azda Smiley

(18:37:09) Molly:

Hello, moooh!

(18:37:30) Tina C:

Ha ha ha.. No molly, I said Azda Smiley-tongue

(18:37:44) Tina C:

Fresh hay for molly

(18:37:44) Molly:

Hay? For me? Thank you - moooh!

(18:39:02) Tina C:


(18:39:24) Tina C:

Ha ha ha.. nope, don't remember the cop smiley Smiley-tongue

(18:39:38) Tina C:


(18:40:31) Tina C:

Haaaa... Yes, I did Smiley-laugh Now, that's great since it's been a while since I last did one Smiley-laugh

(18:40:50) Tina C:

Moly, how are you?

(18:40:50) Molly:

Moly!?! That's an insult! Moooooh!!

(18:41:27) Tina C:

I'm sick as a cow Smiley-midget-sad Cold, caugh & fever!

(18:43:08) Tina C:

Anyway, gotta go again... But a net pet chat should be arranged really soon - maybe in august, when everyone's home from their holidays Smiley

(18:43:48) Tina C:

Goodbye.. see you at the stables.. mooooh

(18:43:48) Molly:

Bye bye, see you at the stables! Moooh!

(18:43:48) Molly:

Enough! Mooooh!

(18:43:48) Molly:

Catch you on the flipside - mooh!

(10:51:22) Azda:

hey Tina - you really know how to make Molly say more than too many stupid things! Smiley-laugh

(10:51:59) Azda:

nice to see you here, and you can recall the cop shortcut, that's good Smiley-wink

(10:53:58) Azda:

hope your cold will go away soon Smiley-sunglasses