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(09:45:17) Azda:

one more review from the legendary closing of Skanderborg Festival 2014: http://go.tv2.dk/underholdning/2014-08-10-anmeldelse-d-d-lukkede-med-leg...

(09:45:24) Azda:


(10:46:52) Azda:

hello cow - check out Henrik Damgaard's pics from Skanderborg, now added to the few we already had: http://www.d-a-d.dk/photos/skanderborg-festival-2014

(10:46:52) Molly:

Hello, moooh!

(09:38:11) Azda:

'morning cow smiley

(09:38:11) Molly:

Good morning! Moooh!

(18:07:07) Azda:

one more Skanderborg review, in Danish: http://poplish.dk/2014/08/12/d-a-d-den-eneste-rigtige-maade-at-lukke-og-... smiley

(09:03:49) Azda:

good morning Molly!

(09:03:49) Molly:

Good morning - mooooh!

(09:04:35) Azda:

you can find the review above in English translation here: http://www.d-a-d.dk/archive/articles-and-interviews Bsmiley

(09:05:18) Azda:

(to B or not - no B!)

(19:36:32) Azda:

the concert yesterday was a blast - four photos from http://www.d-a-d.dk/photos/ved-gjethuset-frederiksværk-2014 smiley

(19:45:55) Azda:

Kit Bonde has translated the Gaffa review from Skanderborg last weekend, into English: http://www.d-a-d.dk/archive/articles-and-interviews - thanks! smiley

(11:04:58) Azda:

good afternoon, chat ghost smiley

(11:04:58) Molly:

Moooh - hello!

(09:05:47) Azda:

good morning Molly! smiley

(09:05:47) Molly:

Good morning - mooooh!

(00:25:59) Azda:

hey cow - we have a few pictures from the fantastic good-morning gig at Vaksala torg in Uppsala, Sweden: http://www.d-a-d.dk/photos/vaksala-torg-uppsala-2014

(00:26:21) Azda:

thank you and good night!

(00:26:21) Molly:

Good night, see you at the stables! Moooh!