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(08:11:27) Azda:


(08:11:27) Molly:

Good morning! Moooh!

(08:13:56) Azda:

Z-D - I can read coming here for some relaxing nonsense is exactly what you need the most... Smiley

(08:14:53) Azda:

noone will thank you for scaring yourself to Smiley-skull you know Smiley-what

(08:16:18) Azda:

February sun suddenly shining here Smiley-sunglasses

(22:47:54) Azda:

good night cow Smiley-yawn-more

(22:47:54) Molly:

Good night, sweet dreams - moooh!

(11:03:21) Azda:

DAD@Sweden Rock 2015 in Swedish Radio P4 tomorrow at 22:30-23:00 - https://sverigesradio.se/sida/avsnitt/671378?programid=488

(11:03:37) Azda:

mooh Molly! Smiley-midget-laugh

(11:03:37) Molly:


(10:02:27) Azda:


(23:45:44) Azda:

It's In Your Hands, support concert February 11, new venue: Vega - http://gaffa.dk/nyhed/103542

(23:49:45) Azda:

I'm tired... :-O, night night Molly!

(23:49:45) Molly:

I'm not, sleeping my day away, you know - moooh!

(23:49:45) Molly:

Nighty, see you at the stables - moooh!

(12:47:40) Azda:

hello Molly, or are you still asleep? Smiley-tongue

(12:47:40) Molly:

Hello, I'm busy digesting so: Moooh!

(12:48:25) Azda:

what about a rock cruise from Stockholm May 12-13??

(12:48:51) Azda:

Bandit Rock Party, with D-A-D, get your tickets at http://www.vikingline.se/bandit

(12:48:51) Molly: