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(23:03:35) Zleep-Dogg:

but here, have some hay Molly

(23:03:35) Molly:

Hay? For me? Thank you - moooh!

(23:04:02) Zleep-Dogg:

and nighty... see you at the stables...

(23:04:02) Molly:

Nighty nighty, see you at the stables - moooh!

(23:04:02) Molly:

Catch you on the flipside - mooh!

(15:22:39) Vigdis (guest):

Hello Molly

(15:22:39) Molly:

Hello, moooh!

(15:22:52) Vigdis (guest):

Hello Azda

(15:22:52) Molly:

Hello, moooh!

(15:24:46) Vigdis (guest):

very quiet in here ....why do we have to wait until X-mas to tond a chat ?

(15:25:29) Vigdis (guest):

tend ..sorry my typing i was busy with two things at the same time

(15:26:28) Vigdis (guest):

never good

(15:27:03) Vigdis (guest):

too shy to ask people to come

(15:27:29) Vigdis (guest):

well have a nice afternoon Molly and Azda

(12:05:40) Azda:

hey ZD - hope you were lucky under the misteltoe Smiley-wink

(15:15:19) Eric (guest):

Any word if Stig will be back for the Herning concert on the 24th?

(21:52:28) Zleep-Dogg:

800 drunk people and multiple misteltoes... how could I not be lucky Smiley-evil-twin

(20:56:53) Azda:

Eric - we have no reason to doubt that Stig will be sitting on the sofa in Herning Smiley-wink

(20:59:38) Azda:

ZC - seems not only to have been a very early julefrokost but also a very
big one...!? Smiley-pig-sad

(21:00:09) Azda:

ZC - Zleep-Catt?? Sorry Smiley-what