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(23:47:43) Azda:

. *

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(23:48:08) Azda:

Smiley-police Smiley-police

(23:48:17) Azda:

Smiley-police Smiley-police Smiley-police

(10:36:16) guest:

Spam? Here?! Smiley-yawn-more

(10:36:31) guest:

Did I miss something interesting?

(16:36:42) Azda:

yes, who could imagine spammers would find it worth the effort here...

(16:36:49) Azda:

you didn't miss anything, promise.

(11:03:23) Azda:

new tour date: Metal Crash Festival in Giessen, October 6 - http://www.metalcrashfestival.de/ Smiley-midget

(21:34:25) guest:

Dang! I never saw spammers live... Smiley

(22:50:56) Azda:

you can't have it all Smiley-halo

(16:56:03) Azda:

hey - Ruhrpott Metal Meeting, December 8th. Get your tickets here: http://ruhrpott-metal-meeting.de/tickets.html:-b

(16:56:19) Azda:

Molly mooh?

(16:56:19) Molly:


(20:42:51) Azda:

hey Finland! D-A-D @Porispere in Pori, August 4th: http://www.porispere.fi Smiley-tongue

(20:42:51) Molly:


(09:03:56) Azda:

good news for all of you spending your summer in Denmark: http://www.groenkoncert.dk/nyheder/d-a-d-lover-overraskelser-paa-groen (- D-A-D are in the line up at Grøn Koncert in July) Smiley-laugh

(09:03:56) Molly: