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(08:59:47) Azda:

hehe coronet - if you're too big to get into the bucket you can always try it the other way around: at least you will get wet! smiley

(09:00:11) Azda:

two pics from Skagen yesterday: http://www.d-a-d.dk/photos/skagen-stadion-2014 smiley

(10:04:54) Azda:

'morning - get your tickets for Paradise Garage, Lisbon (Dec 6) at: http://ticketline.sapo.pt/evento/d-a-d-special-guests-9075

(10:04:54) Molly:

Good morning! Moooh!

(14:28:57) Azda:

hello Molly - we've got some photos form Essen yesterday, exclusively for the website: http://www.d-a-d.dk/photos/nord-open-air-2014 smiley

(14:28:57) Molly:

Hello, moooh!

(10:40:37) Azda:

good afternoon Molly - tickets for Metal Hammer Paradise in November at: http://www.metal-hammer-paradise.de/info/tickets.php smiley

(10:40:37) Molly:

Moooh - hello!

(10:14:35) Azda:

'morning Molly and
True Believers

(10:14:35) Molly:

Good morning! Moooh!

(10:15:31) Azda:

and to the rest of you too, of course (if there are any others here, doubt that smiley)

(10:18:12) Azda:

if you wonder why some festivals and concerts you find on other websites are not yet announced here, the reason is that I don't publish any tour dates until I have them officially confirmed from the booking agencies smiley

(10:20:18) Azda:

that's why - but don't hesitate to get tickets also for not listed gigs smiley

(18:18:59) coronet:

Good evening Azda, good evening Molly, no tickets for one person for Metal Hammer Paradise available - schniieeef

(18:18:59) Molly:

Good evening, mooooh!

(09:53:37) coronet:

Hello Azda, hello Molly, tried to get a single-room-ticket by contacting the Hotline at Weissenhäuser Strand. All Single-tickets are sold out an tey are not willing to put some single persons together in a "more-person-room". Just an info for other fans.

(09:53:37) Molly:

Hello, moooh!

(13:21:22) Azda:

hi coronet - thanks for the info smiley

(18:38:09) coronet:

Good evening Azda, Your welcome. But I´m so frustrated, I think that I will do benchpress with 100kg at my workout. Then I´ll go home and have a bottle of redwine.

(18:38:09) Molly:

Good evening, mooooh!