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(16:55:20) Molly:


(16:56:01) The Real Anders:

Yes Molly, Mooh!

(16:56:01) Molly:


(16:56:01) Molly:


(16:56:47) The Real Anders:


(16:57:12) The Real Anders:


(00:17:29) Azda:

TRA - long time...! Molly and I have missed you Smiley-evil-twin

(00:17:50) Azda:

night night cow Smiley-yawn-more

(00:17:50) Molly:

Nighty, see you at the stables - moooh!

(11:26:03) Azda:

Rock Under Broen, Middelfart June 10th - tickets: http://www.billet.dk/rock-under-broen#bio

(11:26:03) Molly:

Burping is accepted but please no farting in this small chatroom - mooh!

(11:26:15) Azda:


(11:27:13) Azda:

sorry Molly, didn't want to harm your delicate nose! Smiley-tongue

(11:45:58) Azda:

hm, that middle stinking link didn't work, here's a cleaner version: http://www.billet.dk/rock-under-broen#bio

(11:46:34) Azda:

well, no - trying again, keep calm...: http://www.billet.dk/rock-under-broen

(11:46:59) Azda:


(11:49:16) Azda:

and - while we're at it, hopefully this link for the Full Metal Mountain booking (D-A-D @FMM March 31st) works: https://booking2017.event-service.cc/en/index.html

(11:49:16) Molly:

March 3, 1984 - the magic date when the band Disneyland After Dark was given to humanity! Mooh!

(11:49:16) Molly:


(11:51:54) Azda:

Molly - you need to read the whole sentence before throwing up misplaced poetry Smiley-midget-laugh