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(19:05:45) Azda:

stage time in Chaniá on Friday: 20:00 - in case you're on Crete! Smiley-sunglasses

(18:20:26) Azda:

new hoodie and caps in the webshop: http://www.d-a-d.dk/shop Smiley-tongue

(18:20:26) Molly:


(18:47:04) Bore (guest):

Hi! Nice new hoodie! What does size M8-10y mean?

(14:22:23) Azda:

Bore - good question: size M8-10y is for kids aged 8-10 years Smiley

(22:15:07) Azda:

Stigge is back, better than ever! http://www.d-a-d.dk/photos/chania-rock-festival-2015 Smiley-laugh

(22:15:07) Molly:


(23:34:35) Luisa (guest):


(11:06:43) Azda:

hi Luisa Smiley-wink

(11:07:01) Azda:

two pics from Samsø yesterday: http://www.d-a-d.dk/photos/sams%C3%B8-festival-2015 Smiley-tongue

(11:07:01) Molly:


(11:41:12) Andy Clement:

Planning a trip from Oz next year, wondering if their are any dates locked in for shows or festivals????!!!

(13:01:05) Azda:

Andy - not that I know of, will check with Jesper Smiley

(15:13:01) Luisa (guest):

Comment allez vous, Azda ?!

(19:37:09) Azda:

Luisa - je vais bien, merci! Smiley-sunglasses

(19:37:27) Azda:

et vous, Luisa?

(13:34:25) Luisa (guest):

Je vais bien merci Smiley-wink

(17:20:02) Azda:


(17:20:45) Azda:

Hojrock in Västervik yesterday made DAD crazy - 2 phohos: http://www.d-a-d.dk/photos/hojrock-v%C3%A4stervik-2015 Smiley-tongue

(17:20:45) Molly: