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Posted: Thu, 2013-01-17 19:39

So yesterdays gig in Aalborg was at a packed venue. I don't know if it was a sellout - but if it wasn't, it was pretty darn close.

It was a pretty standard D-A-D gig. The stage show, was somewhat different than in 2012. No digital screen, and no fancy effects of any kind, but a far more stripped down look - it actually worked out very well!

Cobber was on fire during the gig. However, you could sence on the crowd that it was wednesday - not much party mood going on, at least not where I was standing for the most part of the gig. At the end I pushed my way forward and ended up in a rather small mosh-pit - but it was fun!


A new age moving in
The road below me
The end
Everything glows
Soft dogs
Scare yourself
Something good
Never never
Monster philosophy
Beautiful together
I want what she's got (drum solo)
Bad Craziness
Evil twin
Sleeping my day away
It's after dark

As you can see, the setlist was changed quite a bit since the summer gigs of 2012. Great to hear Something good and The road below me live again!
I won't cut my hair was on the setlist, but they didn't do it. As Jesper said at the book signing - he lost that "battle" at the final moment.


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Posted: Mon, 2013-01-21 19:17

I like the setlist.........of course, as usual, no "Call of the wild" and I'm slowly giving up hope of ever getting to hear that gem live but what can I do but pester the band in this forum here. Hopefully one day they wil read it and give in ;-).

I just think they should add 4 or 5 more more songs in general and make it a nice 2-hour-show. Did I say that before *thinking* :-)? Apart from that I would be happy if they played the same setlist in Dortmund.

We'll see.....................looking forward to it anyway.


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