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Joined: 2003-11-15

Posted: Mon, 2014-01-13 12:28

This is wild! Me and my friend Sofie have decided to travel from Copenhagen to Moscow to see D-A-D live in Moscow on 11 May 2014! Isn't that wild?

We expect to buy the flight ticket tomorrow, and then look into the visa application procedure. Meanwhile, if you have any Moscow recommendations (especially hotels - nice for the price)

I was so sad because I did not get any tickets for Den Grå Hal before it sold out. I still want to see them in the grå hal too, but I am soooo happy that I will now see them in Moscow instead.

Joined: 2003-11-15

Posted: Mon, 2014-01-13 12:37

Another cool thing. I will finally meet my d-a-d chat friend Evgeny aka headcrusher, skinfather etc. He and I have been chatting since we met on this very webpage, in another design of course, a long time ago. Around 1998 1999. D-A-D netpets unite! How cool is that!


Ég var svartklædd þegar ég var handtekin

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