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Posted: Mon, 2014-11-17 18:41

Remember the good old days on d-a-d.com when the netpets where always talking in the forums, and there was weekly chats where D-A-D members or staff would sometimes show up? Ahh those where happy times indeed. I know that things have changed with the cyberculture since then, but lets bring back that lovely vibe - at least for a short moment, when we talk about this:

What's your most favored memory with D-A-D, when and why?
Go on, make it as long or short as you like Smiley-midget

Heres my entry:
Despite of meeting them on several album-signing-occations, my most favored memory with the band is not one of those personal encounters. No, it has actually got to be the concert I went to in Vejlby Stadion this summer. It was really rainy, and I was totally soaked - but I was on the front row in Cobbers side, so when the boys went on stage and started the pyros (omg! they set everything on fire..) I soon forgot about all that. It had been several years since I last attended a D-A-D concert - for different reasons - so I was just blown away totally by their set. It was like a trip back in time, and yet it was still so fresh and new and in touch with the here and the now. It was a great evening. I thought to myself "why the heck did'nt you attend a D-A-D concert for 3 years or so?" and then I immediatly bought some more concert tickets when I came home.

Yup thats it. Now it's someone elses turn. Dont leave me hanging Soft Dogs!

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Posted: Wed, 2014-11-19 18:56

Now where do I begin!? Smiley

Meeting the guys for the first time has always been something unique. Met them at the show in Fredericia on the Everything Glows tour back in 2000.
It was so surreal to stand next to them realizing that this is actually real! They were rehearching before the show and the arena was open, so we just went in & had a little chat + got their autographs.

But I have 2 favorite moments: Being a part of /helping Torlief with his "True Believer" documentary + getting a shoutout from Jesper on stage because I've entered 40 gigs at the show in Silkeborg, 2009. Those two moments will definitley be my favorite ones! Smiley

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Posted: Fri, 2014-11-21 21:41

:o !! I dare not imagine this happen to me. But 40 concerts - thats amazing. It deserves some appreciation! But still.. it's so nice of them to actually do that on stage <3
Are you still counting your concerts?

Btw - nice talking to you again Tina C, I remember you from back in the netpet-days Smiley-midget
I had to make a new profile when the member system moved to this new format. Somehow my old profile went missing. Back then I was known as Lådde Smiley-midget


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Fav album: Scare Yourself
Fav songs: Rock River
Fav live-song: I'd rather live than die <3 Stig ftw!
Concerts attended: Just 11 but always frontrow ;)
Latest concert: Danmarks Største Vejfest '16

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Posted: Sat, 2014-11-22 03:16

Well, I've been a D-A-D fan since 1996, so that's many years Smiley It was really nice of Jesper do a shoutout - I really didn't expect that at all.
Hahaha no.. haven't counted gigs in a few years, but I just made an exception today & counted that with the latest Ballerup gig I've entered 55. Smiley-laugh

Ohhh.. the good ol' netpet days! Sure miss those! And nice talking to you again. I remember your name & do believe we've also met, haven't we? Smiley

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Posted: Thu, 2014-11-27 19:19

My best - and first - concert was in 2002 on the Soft Dog Tour. I saw D-A-D in Herning and the reason it was the best moment is that I had draaaaagged my 15 year old son along to his first concert altogether. - It was amazing to see his jaw drop more and more, and he kept asking: Do you think they'll play Sleeping My Day Away? - I didn't know at that time, but I said I was almost sure! - And they did! Smiley-midget-laugh I was going to concerts when I was 15, I was lucky to live in a place where there were concerts every 2 weeks in summer, and it was the top of Danish music at the time, so I was eager to get my son 'on the wagon' - and to be honest, I needed a concert too! - after moving for myself with my son and about 15 years of hunger for concerts because of a busy business. - He said to me at the beginning: If you are going to freak out go somewhere else so I can say I don't know you! - On the Scare Yourself Tour he said - 'D-A-D is playing in Herning - actually on Cobbers birthday - I have bought the tickets, you are going too - and you brought this on yourself!' - I didn't mind to 'bring this on myself' and at the beginning of the concert he said: 'I don't know about you, but I'm going to freak out!' - I was relieved! - Now it has been about 15-16 concerts for me and some more for him - and every one of them has been the best so far Smiley-midget-laugh


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Posted: Thu, 2015-01-08 09:04

..Yes the meet'n'greet is not what it was in the early days.. It is kind of sad..
The best memory is my first concert in Herning i think it was in 86 or 87...
I have only meet the band a few times, but i haven't done anything to meet them either..
In the early days before, kids, family, and career came across, i saw them as much as possible, meaning 3-5 concerts every year.. Now it's just 1-2 concerts a year.. But i do what i can to support the guys..
I think I've seen them about 40 times now, just as Tina, and i've kept every ticket, more or less..

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