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Please contribute to the Wiki-D and help us tell the vivid story of D-A-D. Test your knowledge in this threaded discussion with other fans, and our editor will put the pieces together and reward the best contributions with gifts from the Web Shop.

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As their first album ,released after the turn of the millenium, "Everything Glows" was a little bit like a new beginning. You can hear how the "Glowing" and the new energy folws through the whole album. Everything was just alright at this time, and they were happy that they had found the perfect new drummer to replace Peter.

Because they didn't have a rehearsal studio at that time, they developed most of the songs at home, sitting on the couch. The final mix had been done in L.A.

They experimented with sounds and instruments you've never heard before, like harmonica and banjo, or the voice of the receptionist of an hotel in L.A at the beginning of "Sunstar". The fist song to be recorded was "The road below me", a typical D.A.D song with a lot of optimism and energy.

Nikolaj Foss was the Executive Producer and Jim Scott did the mix in the Ocean Way Studios in L.A. Releasing date of the 7. D.A.D album was april 2000, the CD came with 11 tracks, the japanese included 2 additional tracks.

Maybe it is a little bit to short or there are some mistakes..if you find some, just let me know and I'll correct it.
I tried to do my best, hope you understand my "freaky" school english Smiley-midget Smiley-midget

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Great work Leela - lets see who has what i takes to contribute further - Who ever is more than 11 yeas old might have a memory of this Smiley

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Three years after the brit-rock inspired album 'Simpatico' and the success of their first live album 'Psychopatico', D-A-D took everything to a new level as a Scandinavian rock band:

Laust had joined forces with the band after Peter's departure, and due to the fact that the band didn't have any place to rehears, most of the songs were written acoustic in someones couch. This was very unlike D-A-D at this time.

Once again Nick Foss was the producer, where the band recorded the album in Copenhagen and Malmö, but for the mixing part D-A-D did something different, something big - they contacted Jim Scott, a man who had worked in the famous studio 'Sound City' and with giants as The Rolling Stones, John Fogerty, Dixie Chicks and Sting. The previous year, 1999, Jim Scott had mixed the big hit album 'Californication' by Red Hot Chili Peppers and worked on 'Supernatural' by Santana.

'Everything Glows' was released on April 13th and as usual D-A-D had a midnight release in the old music store GUF in Copenhagen, but this time they once again did something different; A short time before midnight a truck, with one side open, drove up in front of the store and out came the sound of the record all the fans were waiting for - LIVE! The band stood there, in the middle of the street, minutes to midnight and played songs of the new album until the cops came and stopped them after a couple of songs. 'Everything Glows' had hit the market.

It might be the mixture of writing the songs at home, Laust on drums and Jim Scott mixing - Because 'Everything Glows' was a huge hit for the band. It went platinum in Denmark, selling over 50.000 copies and at the Grammies the band won the prices for 'Best band', 'Best leadsinger', 'Best rock album' and 'Best album of the year'. It contained new-classics such as 'Everything Glows', 'Evil Twin', 'Something Good' and 'Nineteenhundredandyesterday'.

This was also the year where D-A-D once again pushed the limits for a danish band, and arranged a concert i Copenhagen, at the biggest indoor venue at the time - Forum. Guests were 'Sort Sol' and the 'Tim Christensen' and the show was praised by every newspaper in the country. 'Everything Glows' had to be celebrated with manners and it did - Snow fell on the crowd during the rare live song 'Jacketless in December' and Laust showed his musical brilliance by not only playing the drums, but guitar and saxophone as well. Last mentioned, by flying high above the crowd playing 'It's After Dark' in an angel costume.

D-A-D had without a doubt taken things to the next level and 'Everything Glows' still stands out as one of the most successful and critic acclaimed albums yet from the band.