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Posted: Sun, 2013-02-24 22:14

Hi all True Believers!

so, i've been wondering for a while how it would be to meet D-A-D. not nesecarily them all, but maybe just one of them. what are they like? what is your exsperience with the guys? how was it meeting them, whether it'd be after a concert, at a signing or just bumping into one of them on the street, if you've been that lucky:) please tell me your story and have an overmuch day!


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Posted: Mon, 2013-02-25 06:57

Moin Moin

I've met the guys three times now.
First time in Hamburg last year in march, after the concert.
They been very nice and sweet, signing my selfmade D-A-D clock Smiley
Second time has been in Odense at the Convention, of course it has been a more professional surrounding, but still very polite and patient Smiley
And the third time it happened in Kiel after the concert, they have been so kind to sign a piece of my car and we had some small talk and Stig gave my dog a hug Smiley

As far as I can say they are allways very down to earth and patient Smiley

Kind regards, Steffi

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Posted: Mon, 2013-02-25 17:17

that's really nice to hear Steffi:) and funny that Stig gave your dog a hug:) i can imagine them being very nice. they really seem that way:)