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Posted: Mon, 2013-03-11 18:32

I had the great privilege of seeing D-A-D for the first time in my life this past Saturday in Amityville. A lifelong dream, my number one bucket list item. I even got to shake Lausts hand and have my picture taken with him.
While I'm still quite sad that I didn't get a chance to meet all the guys, I'm elated they came so far for us. And my greatest wish is that these American gigs will renew and grow their fan base, and give them a really good reason to come back again. And maybe even give Canada a chance to prove our love too? ;)
Jesper, Jacob, Stig, and Laust, I really hope you guys read this. This last Saturday was the best night of my life and for those unknown fans out there who hold no hope of ever seeing their favorite band in person, I can't even describe how it feels to see that curtain pull away across the stage and THERE they are. Lol I'm crying again just remembering. I've never been happier. Two days and four flights later, no amount of fatigue can wipe the joy off my face.