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Posted: Mon, 2005-11-14 19:23


Any bootlegs from the newest tour... I would espicially like to have the piano-version of "hate to say I told you so"...

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Posted: Mon, 2005-11-14 21:03

I think we all want that.

I've tried to contact "DR P3-quest service" about if they had recorded the show from kbh (like they did in 98-00-02) I really hope to get an answer really fast !!

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Ahvad (not verified)

Posted: Fri, 2005-11-18 09:57


Check out the D-A-D server..........

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Posted: Fri, 2005-11-18 10:18


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Kasper K (not verified)

Posted: Fri, 2005-11-18 11:32

Yeah, what is the D-A-D server...?

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Posted: Fri, 2005-11-18 12:06

my guess is we're talkin about Toksvig's server Smiley-midget

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Posted: Fri, 2005-11-18 18:16

Who has added the two songs from Kb Hallen on the D-A-D server? Please contact me on: Crappe_J@hotmail.com

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Posted: Sat, 2005-11-19 13:28

Please contact me to: morten.guitar@jubii.dk

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Posted: Sun, 2005-11-20 18:45

The server is placed on the adress below.

You will have to obtain a personal login, to up and download from it, just write me..

Please have in mind.. It free to use.. And i am using my privat internet line and computer to host it, as a service to my fellow netpets..
It is not a very fast line... Please have patience when using it..

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Posted: Thu, 2005-11-24 01:13

There was a raidio broadcast acoustic version of " Hate To Say I Told You So" that I have, quite good! But this has nothing to do with the piano version so, sorry.
My mistake...that was an acoustic version of Home Alone, not Hate to say.